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Services offered

Introduction of executives and personnel search

KSC is holder of the Executive Search License (Federal and International).

KSC introduces only executives and global personnel.

KSC introduces client companies to global personnel in alliance with Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation (www.4th-valley.com)
Please refer the press release letter " Notification of Business Alliance between Katsura Suzuki Consulting and Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation" (78KB)PDF

Register yourself at the personnel bank:

If you are non-Japanese and would like to work for Japanese top companies, why don't you register at http://www.topcareer.jp/inter/top/.

Job Vacancy:

<Application Requirements>
Candidate must have a solid background in semiconductor physics (semiconductor device structure and operation mechanism) and should have experience in CMOS circuit development. (Nationality is not a bar)

Contact: info@ksc-global.com

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