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Swiss International Conference – Asset Protection and Management in Switzerland –

Date 18 March 2012 (Sun) 10:30-12:15
Venue Crown Plaza Zürich Hotel
Organization Japan M&A Center
Audience Japanese CPA and Tax Lawyer (250 people)
  • Introduction of Switzerland – Asset protection and managemen
  •  (Katsura Suzuki Consulting, Katsura Suzuki)
    • Idea of Family Office
      • 1/3 of offshore money is in Switzerland
      • What is family office?
      • Important Service of Family Office
    • Structure of Swiss Taxation
      • Agreement between Japan and Switzerland (Free Trade Agreement, Double Tax Treaty)
      • Low corporate tax rate
      • Negotiable tax system (tax ruling)
      • Individual taxation (Income tax, Inheritance and Gift tax)
      • Favorable taxation for HNWIs
      • Swiss Obligation Code – Civil Law
      • Asset protection and management in Switzerland
  • Examples of Swiss holding company scheme
  •  (KENDRIS, Christian Lyk)
    • Swiss Holding structures for Japanese HNWIs and Corporations
      • Japanese Anti Tax Heaven rule
      • Tax deferral advantage for Japanese Corporation investing in foreign passive Investment
      • Tax deferral Advantage for Japanese Individual investing in foreign Securities
      • Parent's Loan to Children owned Foreign Investment Holding Company
      • Structure to monetize Japanese listed Stocks through Foreign Investment Holding Company
      • Income Tax Comparison
  • Japanese Investments in Switzerland: Corporate Law Aspects
  •  (Swiss Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Lawyer Dr. Paul Payrot)
    • The Swiss Japanese Chamber of Commerce
    • Recent Japanese Investment in Switzerland
    • Financial Company in Switzerland: Requirements
    • The Corporation
    • Setting up the Corporation
    • Mandate with Swiss Trustee